Holding History:

I've written about my new hobby of collecting postcards a couple of times, but today I have really found my love for it. Holding these postcards that I bought today in my local market is a great feeling. That will sound very odd to anyone who isn't really into history or who just doesn't get that feeling. For me it makes me think about the person writing the postcard. Most people would want unwritten postcards but i love knowing that some of these were written with love and care and posted years and years ago to be received by somebody in their post one morning perhaps over breakfast..?

The first postcard is a photograph from March 1927. I can't tell a lot from it but from the writing on the back I think it may be something to do with a film? I was drawn to this firstly because of the horses to be honest, but then you just start looking at the men and children gathered around watching these three boys (I believe them to be Patrick, Ralf and Lewis)

This is the second one, a postcard called 'Madonna Of The Meadows' This was very faintly written on on the back with pencil which has most likely faded over time. 

If you look very, very closely you can almost see the writing. It isn't much clearer in my hands! But it says
 'To my dear Sammy Easter 1949'
Apparently Easter 1949 in England was the hottest on record...Just in case you wanted to know!

The next postcard is from a lady called Dorothy and it's a real photograph postcard of Chelmsford Cathedral. This one was written 31st August 1956 and was posted from Maldon Essex at 7pm. Amazing.

The fourth postcard is addressed to the same lady but a lot earlier in 1915 (during WW1) It is from WHSmiths (WHS) but I cannot make out the signature which is a shame because I can read the rest of the card. This was sent 4th January 1915 and is a Kingsway Real Photo Series and is a picture of Lord Salisbury's statue & Park Gates, Hatfield.

And finally a postcard I could not find much about but was extremely drawn to was this one below of a lady seated looking very smart. I understand these were quite popular type of photos at some time and this was a portrait taken by Wakefield's Ealing in London but has no date. 

There you have it, that is what occupied me for roughly half an hour in my local market prompting both Little Miss and Other Half to wonder off. I was totally in my element though and you would have been silly to try and distract me! I love history, but I love it even more, no matter how small when it involves seemingly small people from our past in my hands, in my house. Now I will treasure these postcards and add to my collection.



  1. That is amazing... It's something wonderful holding something so filled with history and I have a thing for running my fingertips over written words. I would like to collect old journals one day.

  2. Collecting journals sounds like a great idea, imagine all the things you would get from them, such personal items..Im glad someone else shares this feeling!