There's a lot to do in my house at the moment and it feels as if it never will. I suppose it would help if there was some motivation in the house...I don't have a clue where mine has gone but the Other Half appears to have lost his and all..great!

So really feeling it today. It doesn't help Little Miss is throwing a wobbler every 10 seconds because she can't have crisps, or she's feeling too tired but doesn't quite fancy a nap...I'm about ready snap..thank goodness the day is almost through!

Anyway I thought what might be a good incentive is making a list of all things that doing (or I would like to do eventually) with the house. From big to small jobs, the ones that seem reasonable enough to take on and the jobs that if I shut my eyes they may just magically be done (she hopes)

Clean floor
Clean bath,loo,sink and draws
Sort draws
Buy new mirror after the old one fell down
Re paint wood where mirror came off taking paint with it
Buy a new shower mixer tap-this one sucks
Sort out bathroom wallpaper-need new idea now water is getting behind the paper causing mould eww

New floor needed asap
If I'm lucky a new washing machine :)
Clean out the fridge
Hoover dining side
Clean oven asap
Buy new wash bowl and soak draining board
Pass on other peoples rubbish they have dumped on us
Sort out cupboard by bathroom
Get a new kitchen table (smaller,wooden,quirky)
Paint walls (again)
Put up cupcake postcard (when i buy a frame)

New sofa (corner one)
New carpet (landlords wont ever bother)
Block off chimney (call agent)
Dust telly
Sort out toys moving one box upstairs
Pass on side table so cloth magazine rack can finally be used!
Sort through DVDs and Games
Dust Xbox
Lift up sofas and clean
re decorate
Polish photos
Buy new curtains
Move Lego blocks up stairs

Bedroom 1 (my room)
Paint where previous paint was stripped
Fill in the 10000000 (slightly exaggerated) holes dearest made when doing shelves...and taking them down
Put up corner shelves
Polish TV
Put up photos
Clean window and surrounding wall
Change bed cover (when won the clothing battle)
Get rid of kids shelf outside (bugging me for months)
Sort out under bed
Buy new curtains (currently have Winnie the pooh hmm)
Just make my room more sexy!!

Kids Room
New bed for Little Miss
Clean window and wall
New carpet too
Put up pictures and posters
Remove canvas wardrobe
Fix chest of drawers
Put ALL the clothes away in the children's wardrobe
Put our clothes in the chest of drawers
Buy children sized coat hangers
Hide Christmas presents downstairs
Re home old TV (sat doing nothing, lifeless)
I'm sure there is so much but these jump out at me. For example I'd love a new bed as ours was second hand and isn't of the best condition underneath (metal bars bent for example!) I'll shut up moaning..Any words of wisdom on the bathroom (just don't say 'don't have a shower then') because I neeeeed a shower in my house!

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