My 30 Day Declutter!

I discovered a new blog today A Thrifty Mrs..and what really caught my eye is this:
And it couldn't come a moment too soon! Now that Christmas is approaching, and i am just generally getting fed up of the state of my house now, I think this new little project is going be a delight!
Although maybe not that easy? See this task requires you declutter your house of 90 items by the end of November. Part of me things 'Yeah sure I can do that' the other..not so sure!

As I feel pretty motivated, i think I'll start by going through the toy boxes. I want one for upstairs and one for downstairs (my lounge is tiny and I need some free space)
From there:
There's the 'cupboard' (narrow space) under the stairs
There's the other cupboard
There's the bathroom draws full of random crap
There's under my bed...
Under the children's bed...
There's the cupboard under the sink..full of unused crap stuff
There's our canvas wardrobe which is still in need of emptying
2 bags of paper that needs shredding
DVDs that need going through
My side table in my children's room (doesn't fit now we swapped) that's full of 'stuff'
And goodness knows what else!

Problem is, i'll have to stop finding the treats and treasures in my charity stores and market sales!!

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