Where I went today...

A House Clearance!!

I am doing a 30 day declutter I promise, but a few clothes for little miss (one for her friend) and a dvd for me (just one, wanted it for months and then wham! Found it for a £1 instead of £3 woo!) Other Half got himself a baby back pack carrier. Also wanted one of these since Little Miss was small but could never afford one. I tried a sling but didn't get on with it great. Alfie will love being up high...
Holding on tightly already
'Err Dad, you cannot be serious..'
My little smiler!
Wanted this dvd for ages..hope it's good!!
50p for a t-shirt,fleece and trousers
This is the giant mug I got for my birthday..had to show it off!
I would just like to apologise for photo quality, due to lack of my best friend (camera) I found my old one kicking about in the kitchen draw and it has a broken lens.

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