Remembering..Never Forgetting

Close your eyes and listen.

At the 11th hour today a silence will descend upon you.
It was said at the very first silence held on 11th November 1919 that everything and everyone stopped. Men turned pale white and even the animals seemed to stop of their own accord. It was said the silence was almost a pain.

I like to think of the fallen from all the wars, and imagine what it must be like to witness many an awful thing happen to those who are tightly by your side for a long time suddenly taken away. To watch people you know fall and not be able to help. To watch one person protect their  whole unit by sacrificing themselves...

I don't only remember the fallen from every war, i remember what each and every soldier was a part of. Particularly from the First and Second World Wars our lives could be incredibly different. Not only do we remember those lives lost, and those who continue to fight, we should rejoice in what freedom those men from years ago gave us. Without them we would not be telling the same story.

So, just to take a moment today to remember all those brave men and now women too who fought and continue to fight.

Also I wanted to share something I have. I know nothing about this book other than it's from the Second World War. I found it in an antique shop. It's a New Testament Bible and I carry it in my handbag. I wonder if it was important to someone? If they read it, or held or carried it with them? Who knows. It's not worth anything only to my imagination but I thought I'd share it. 

Shame a name was never printed in it.

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