Dear So and So

To all those who fought and lost their lives.
We Remember every day, but especially today.
copied from Google
Dear Children,
Please sleep, it would be a massive turn around and Mummy would get to feel so, so much better and maybe (most definitely) have more energy to do fun things with you!
Thanks kids, Mummy xx

Dear Husband-to-be,
Please get this house sorted before Christmas else I am moving out and you can have the non sleepers until I return..
Yours grumpily, The Mrs x

Dear Coursework,
Be kind to me, I have not sat down and been remotely intelligent for at least 3 years now.
Yours, Mummy Mush

Dear Weather,
I know I'm never happy, but you're making me rather depressed. If there is any, any chance of at least 2 out of 7 days where I can wake to a beaming sun I would be SO grateful.
Thanks for listening, Hannah.

Dear Readers,
Thanks for following, thanks to those who have recently joined. Do have a wonderful weekend.
Cupcake Mum x

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