Feeling the Winter Blues Today

I hate it when the weather gets to me. It's strange because the day has been lovely, a bit chilly but I've only had to nip out to run Little Miss to nursery and Other Halves mum picked her up along with her cousin.
Maybe that's what it is? I haven't done much, I got a bit defeated after I found damp coming in beside Little Miss's bed, got as far as clearing and moving the room around and thought 'sod it' just another thing to add to the list of 'Things that never will be done'.
I know I'm going on some today, in fact I could be moaning a lot more today, I'm in a pretty bad mood which is probably due to not sleeping until ridiculously late. 
I'm ready for Christmas decorations if I'm honest and I'm finding it difficult not to raid my cupboard! I tried to pull the box from the attic but to no avail so I'm stuck with nothing!
I've written all my Save the Date cards but cannot find my address book, I keep not getting round to removing items out my home which are supposedly destined for the charity store.
Both the children are just turning into whinge bags come half past four (when Daddy leaves how convenient) and I've been so fed up I've just survived off hard gums and crisps all day...no wonder I'm having a 'fat day'.
I felt like a miserable teenager walking my daughter to school. Then I did the old looking at the all mums with their nice figures thing...I know, i know, there is nothing wrong with my figure but unless its just me I'm feeling the flab this week humph.
I'll shut up now and go russel up some grub (that won't be eaten) and if I can be arsed maybe cook myself something too...If not I'll just have a sandwich (yes a crisp one!)
ps. I am aware of a major blood sugar crash due to my poor diet today...
pps.I am also aware this is probably making me sluggish and grumpy...just so ya know I know *winks*

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