Dear So and So....

Dear House,
De-clutter yourself, I can't be arsed.
Yours, The fed up (lazy) House Wife

Dear Little Miss,
Please, Please, Please stop being so fussy! A piece of cod is not going to hurt you! I could cry, but i know it won't least not when in front of you. People tell me it's 'just a phase' (along with a list other things that still haven't gone away) but I will keep faith and know you'll come round...One day?
Love Mummy.xxxx

Dear Alfie,
Oh my gorgeous little boy, you are growing so much, so fast! I need to buy more sleep suits and I am aware of this fact. I have acquired lots of clothes thanks to Nanny, so I just need to go through them. Promise to pull my finger out!
Mumma xxxx

Dear Pmt,
Why do you make me want to eat so much crap!!?? Please leave me alone, or just leave me to be grumpy..I really, really really do not need to eat the contents of my food cupboard in one day!!!
From Me, the one in charge (supposedly)

Dear Weekend,
Hello!! So very, very nice to see you. Lets just slow down now this week has gone rather quick and I'd like to spend some time with my not working at the weekend Other Half.
Asking nicely, Hannah

Dear Readers,
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks to all the new followers this week you have made me a very happy blogger, I was beginning to give up hope of interesting anyone!! Keep well and have fun what ever you do this weekend.
Hannah (Cupcake Mum)

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