30 Day Declutter:

Continuing my 30 day declutter I have another joyous day clearing this out in prep for Christmas. Now to pick up from yesterday where I left you at number 79 out of 90 items gone from my small little home:
80.Girls stroller-Freecycle
81.Purple paint that I hardly used-Freecycle
82.Small child's chair-Freecycle
83.Mini board game that no one plays with-charity shop
84.Unused bed sheet-charity shop
85.Canvas wardrobe-Freecycle
86.Carrier bag of children's clothes-charity shop
87.Tigger pillow-charity shop
88.Old white pillow from old sofa-charity shop
89.Large foot stall-Returned to rightful owner after kindly being lent to us (means my tree can go up yey!)
90!Maths workbook way to old for any children I know!-charity shop

So there it is, I have managed to do 90 items, my 30 days are not up however until 11 December so I will still be continuing my decluttering of the house. Having this blog sure does help though so maybe I will keep blogging my updates for my own motivation.

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