30 Day Declutter:

I've been making good preogress with my 30 declutter challenge, i'm really surprised at how much stuff I have that is either useless to me but could be so useful to someone else or is simply broken and not much use to anyone!!
I've had fun sorting through some things. Today I did out both the children's toy boxes so tomorrow one can be moved upstairs freeing up some room in the lounge (which is definitely needed) I got rid of a baby bouncer and some baby clothes to Other Halves sister who is due her 4th little bundle at the beginning of the new year, very exciting! Little Miss even helped me sort through her box which surprised me, a couple of months ago she would be screaming at me to not give these toys away but  even managed to part with her broken Tardis this evening by putting it in the recycling bag. She'll be happy at Christmas though with room to place all her new toys. 
Tomorrow will involve a couple of trips to various charity shops as currently I have 2 bags (more to come tonight I feel), a play kitchen that isn't used, an old baby bath seat which is too dangerous now Little Man can sit up unaided, and also a pink draw shelf which has been loitering in my landing for half a year now-not good!
  1. Arsenal wash bag
  2. Baby inflatable bath
  3. 0-3 month coat
  4. Mr men cushion
  5. 1 nail polish (unused)
  6. Unopened swim nappy-too big for one too small for the other
  7. Subject dividers
  8. 10 children's books we never read (we have SO many as well)
  9. Oven glove
  10. Football book
  11. 2 pairs of trousers that no longer fit Little Miss
  12. Slippers
  13. Packet of shower rings
  14. Unused deodorant-popped into a box for those in need
  15. 21 baby clothes that no longer fit
  16. Bag of clothes passed on to family
  17. 1 massive sleeping bag which we will never use
  18. Broken mirror (broke a week ago finally being discarded)
  19. Left over week old birthday cake removed from fridge (yeah I'm counting this, how gross! That's what happens when you get 2!)
  20. Picnic cups passed to me (relatives De junking their house in other words!!)
  21. Pink curtains that won't be used
  22. 4 kids magazines recycled from months ago
  23. 2 New! magazines recycled from months ago
  24. Old Argos catalogue recycled
  25. Baby play mat
  26. Baby bouncer passed on to sister in law
So, counting up everything there individually (bar the bag of baby clothes passed on as too many little bits) I have now got rid of:
60/90 items!!
And there is so much more to do, I'll go over 90 I reckon!!
Iceland bag will be the official 'donating bag' i think!

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