Mr Cupcake!!

Here he is, the better half of me being inspired this morning to bake cakes!
Yeah he looks great in my cooking gear doesn't he? Complete with matching bowl and whisk haha.

Here's my Little Miss helping Daddy in the kitchen.

Aww a lovely pink cupcake with a smiley face :-)

Sunday started off with toddler spewing all over my bed (thanks) then same toddler jumping in the bath creating a flood outside of it (why can children not keep the water IN the bath?) but then i finally got some motivation and put some things out for the charity shop, hoovered my house and relaxed a bit with the babies (no more sick involved thank goodness)
Now I've just had an amazing roast followed by cupcakes (okay more cupcakes followed by roast but hey, who's complaining?) 

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  1. Awww sorry you've had a poorly toddler over the weekend. Love the baking photo's, Great post! x