The Lovely Lovely List Of Loveliness

How flipping cute is this cat! Yeah it may be one reason (the main reason) I had to join this new meme but bah whatever, I also like lovely things (and talking about myself) so what the heck? Head on over to BooandMe to linky up :)

1. Cake or chocolate – discuss.
Well you see, I'm dairy and gluten intolerant and I don't always have the time (alright, can be bothered) to whip a delicious chocolate cake/fruit cake/sponge cake what ever is required, and i may love cupcakes but that's just a silly girly thing so please don't be fooled. I just think they're 'pretty' and 'cute' (looser) so it has to be chocolate every time I'm afraid. It makes me feel better, saves everyone's life when I'm due on and thanks to it being 2011 it now tastes remotely like 'normal' chocolate (but triple the price)!
2. Your most embarrassing memory. Of. All. Time.
I have a few I think i just cannot think of them right now! Hmm i remember exposing a breast in the girls changing room which is pretty embarrassing when you're a growing young woman!I was just never quick enough with the whole getting changed thing in know you're all squashed in a room, trying to do the same thing, gossiping at the same time, you try to be all discreet then the girls you hate happen to look up when your bap wants to say hello...well i thought it was embarrassing..they thought it was funny..bitches.
Another? My best friend was staying over, we had a miss communication of sorts. She thought i was mearly running the shower...Oh no my fellow people, i thought it was safe to shower in peace went to turn and close the curtain and bam! There she is, door opening same time as I'm turning around, cue screams then nervous laughter as we both came to terms with seeing me, bangers out (again) lady garden free to view...
3. What’s your claim to fame?
Umm I've met someone from the Royal Family but I'm not sure who it fact it might have even been a dream! 
Well, i live in Cornwall and Brad Pitt has just been here to film, and they film some scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean here! Have it!
4. Would you rather lick Brad Pitts armpit or Johnny Depps foot?
Give me any part of Mr.Depp anytime, any day, any flippin week..I would even suck his big toe for him, how generous...or weird depending what view you take...
5. What is the worst chat up line that has ever been said to you?
Never had a chat up line, but I have had Other Half 'reel' me in...picture this: Your dancing, he's dancing, he sees you, you see him...out of no where, in front of everyone, he whips out an imaginary fishing rod and expects me to be 'the catch'..I did oblige (and find it more funny than I'm letting on)
6. What is the worst chat up line you have ever used?
I have never used a chat up line in my life. Too shy, too disinterested...Not bothered!
7. Shag, Mary, Push off a cliff: Jeremy Kyle / David Hasslehoff / Louis Walsh
Oh holy crumpets...Alright. Deep breaths...
I'm going to go for shag JK because we all need a bit of Jezza in our lives. I reckon Jez has a few anger issues to relieve himself of so it may not be a bad lay..(sorry family who may read this i was made to write it...ish)
I'd actually marry Louis Walsh. I think he'd leave me to be a well looked after lady of the house and do what I want to do. I don't think there would be much pressure from a guy I'm not entirely convinced likes the ladies but you know...he's nice enough.
Sorry Hoff. *Waves*
8. If you were skipping gaily in a meadow of sweet buttercups what would you rather stop to pet – a fluffy bunnykins or a little baby mole whose little pink nose was emerging from the ground?
As cute as the mole sounds I think I'd go for the bunny, I'd be more likely to see the mole as fab photo opportunity so I hope I brought me camera. Generally speaking though I'm not a bunny fan, give me a cat any day!
9. What biscuit is the best biscuit?
How cruel, i cannot eat a biscuit. Never again will I taste a delicious chocolate digestive dipped in tea..or a party ring with that lovely icing on top. Yes I get biscuits but really they're just cardboard crap.
10. If you had to sniff a fart would you rather it was the fart of Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga?
Ooh that's a toughie. I reckon Brads pretty healthy and perhaps all that healthy diet would produce some serious gases...I think I'll go for Gaga, I'd bottle and sell it haha!

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