Scavenger Hunt~October (Photos!)

This is my first go at the Scavenger Hunt! Head on over to Postcards from the P.P to link up and/or view other bloggers and their fab photos!
I have to say I really struggled with some of this and I haven't managed to get all the photos, but thought i'd post anyway despite being a little disappointed.
So, in no particular order:

Crunchy Leaves. Taken on the walk to nursery

Witches hat/broom. 
My daughters hat forHalloween, not that she wore it!

Something eerie.
Graveyard at my local Church St.Martin&St.Meriadoc Camborne

This is Richard Trevithick, Cornwall's inventor and mining engineer famous
for the success of his high pressure steam engine. He also built the worlds first full-scale working railway steam locomotive.

Stack of chocolate coins.

Black Cat.
I know, he's black and white, but he's Pig Wig and I love him!

As you can see I didn't manage to get photos of a River, Graffiti (can't believe there was none in my town!) Mist/Fog or a Pumpkin! Fail on the pumpkin big time!

Happy Halloween!!


  1. graffiti is surprisingly hard to find these days it turns out! I love your photo for golden. I think we all found this list hard, but I hope you enjoyed taking part and will join in next month too!

  2. I found this month's hard too.
    I love your 'golden'.

  3. Love your golden photo and the graveyard in black and white really does make it look eerie - wish I'd thought of that!! I think this was a hard lot to get, I didn't manage them all!

  4. Glad too see another much loved black (and white) cat stealing the show! I even had a pic of a black cat and couldn't quite take our Jester off centre stage :-)
    Welcome to the scavenger hunt!
    Ellen x

  5. I love the crunchy leaves and the sunset. Welcome to the scavenger hunt!

  6. looking through your photos I was thinking...what a good idea, why didn't I think of that....particularly for the eerie shot and gold shot, welcome to the hunt

  7. Aww Pig Wig! How adorable is he?

    I had no problem finding graffiti (maybe it's just more common in cities?) but the mist completely stumped me.

  8. I really like the 1st photo and the sunset one too, hope to see you on the next Scavenger Hunt. Oh, and your cat is really cute :-)

  9. Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! Lovely pics - the golden one is my fave as well.

  10. Well done, and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt. You have done well, I didn't get the sunset or mist.