If I close my eyes during a peaceful moment I can instantly transport myself to my happy place. A place where I felt safe, happy, free and at peace with myself. I'm taken back to the wonderful, untouched beauty of the country side where I used to live.
I have always lived where there are trees that look as if they touch the sky, or where there are so many snuggled closely together sharing their branches, leaves and flowers. There were long, long winding roads, or sometimes straight ones that seemed to go on forever before you reached where you wanted to go. Sea in the distance, fresh crisp air, bugs and rabbits, foxes and birds were great photography opportunities whether they were crossing what must seem like a never ending path, perched on top a snowy gate or quickly hopping across a empty field briefly pausing to see the goings on before diving back to the sweet little young waiting down below the earth.
Yes I miss the county side.
I'm missing taking my daughter out to the local beach, hoping on the bikes where Other Half would pop her into a seat placed on to the back of his bike. We'd all take off either direction as we lived near two beaches: one with sand and one with pebbles! Both equally as fun! 
I miss leaving the house to walk the quiet lanes, or down to the woods where I could sit on the little wooden bridge thinking hard about my problems, my fears,my hopes. Solving things which caused me distress, day dreaming of the future with my family, or simply letting off steam after a row. I always came back fresh with new ideas, apologies or re newed energy...
Now I live in the town. I really dislike it.
I'm so very grateful for the house I live in, how I am so much closer to everything I need from essentials like school and food to the little extras like the local library or a nice children's play ground.
For me though, the country side WAS my play ground. Every single day! You can run so far, be so free, climb tress, hide behind masses of flowers,tall grass,see all kinds of different creatures. Nature really is the best play ground.
Some people will disagree with me, but boy racers, drunks,police tapping on your door asking if you 'saw anything between the hours of such and such', people blasting music from their car stereos gets more than a little annoying when you simply are not used to anymore than the noise your baby and toddler produces!
I also miss my sweet natured daughter. She changed the day we moved from all the fresh aired freedom. She doesn't get to just open the door and bolt into a big, bright green garden in the nude anymore! There simply aren't any fascinating bugs and creepy crawlies to spot crossing one side to the other. The best you get out here is a wasp or a bee, and even then you're lucky! 
Well, that's just how I feel and boy, does it feel good to get it out! Maybe now I can concentrate on finding little ways to bring the country side back to the girl!


  1. What a lovely image you have created. I hope you find your country side again x

  2. Lovely descriptive piece of writing. I grew up in the city and have moved out into the countryside. I love it although I do sometimes miss having everything on my door step which is a big advantage to living in a busy place x

  3. Thank you both for leaving a comment. I really hope I do find my country side again. x