The One Where I Turn 22 and Do Other Stuff...

Yep, another year has passed for me! Finally back into the even numbers, I'm going to hate turning 23! I just want to "Hello" to my new followers *waves* Yes I have noticed you, my little numbers have crept up and I had a nice big smile on my face, so nice to see people like reading my blog as I enjoy theirs and others!

Anyway, I did indeed turn 22 on 29th October and I had a lovely day thank-you very much. I was spoiled rotten (in a good way of course) had lots of yummy food and family visiting at different times of the day. Was so nice to see (almost) everyone. I had 2 (yes 2!) birthday cakes, I got a lot of cupcake/pink birthday presents which was just wonderful as i am obsessed with those two exact things. Here are some piccies my day:
Cupcake cookie box immediately stuffed with Free From goodies
Little Miss helping herself to my treats!
The cake above was really, really tasty and was also both Gluten and Vegan made by aunt who is a vegan (me I'm just unlucky and can't eat gluten or dairy..sob).
I feel I should also mention the other lovely things I received on my special day so here goes with thanks to all who bought the following for me!

Cupcake photo stand (very groovy now on my windowsill in the kitchen)
Cupcake cup and saucer in blue (very big and being used currently as a show off item on kitchen table)
New bag (because the children love, love me)
Lots of yummy goodies for my tummy only
A Amy Winehouse biography- I really liked Amy Winehouse and was saddened by her passing, should be a good read
'The Red Queen' by Phillipa Gregory- I have a nice collection of this author building up
Silver cross necklace- Lets hope I don't break this one!
Cupcake candles-See above they were very cool
Cupcake Lip gloss- I will find a piccy of these they were very cute
Mum and Dad bought me a new cake plate and server which is very unusual so I'll also get a snap of this when I have washed it up. Also my sister bought me a clock to match my cupcake chopping board!

There was a few more but honestly I really was spoiled, and very pleased to say the least! 

Hope everyone had a good Halloween? It was very quiet being a school night but we still managed to get a few trick or treaters. Little Miss didn't go but wasn't short on sweets in the house after both my other half and my sister arrived back with big bags of sweets!! I must admit to raiding the lolly pops though..In my defense they are apple flavour and very yummy!
Little Miss dressed as a cute cat for Halloween. She wore this at her cousins Halloween party on Sunday which she had lots of fun at. Doesn't she look cute! Hope everyone else had a good night with no trouble. Now Bonfire to look forward to (I'm not a fan to be honest!) 
Have a lovely week.

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