The One With The Head Cold and Recent Realisations:

Yeah it got me. Damn cold.
I thought I would take advantage of being asked to pop Little Man to bed and slip into my own warm, comfy heaven to write a post for this morning. My feet are still on the cold side, and I definitely need some paracetamol, but in the mean time at least I am relaxed.

I have felt this has been a painfully slow week. Not incredibly exciting but revealing in some parts. I have learnt a lot about a person who recently came into my life as a 'friend' and realised that in fact sometimes people are just out to take the biscuit and I am, in fact, worth a lot more.
I have been participating in the start of a new life coaching type challenge at The Fives F Blog which I think is a fab idea and I have had all sorts buzzing around my head about task 2. It has really forced me to think about my life and the direction I am heading. What do I want? Where do I want to be in this life? How can I get there?
These type of questions used to terrify me. Perhaps, no, definitely why I left school with perfectly good grades at GCSE level but went on to college to well, not even study. Everyone thought I was bonkers joining the course I did. Admittedly it was for people who had not done so well at school, had learning difficulties or were made to come to college but hated school. I certainly didn't fit in based on this criteria, but I slotted in nicely with a group of very good mates and had a whale of a time. I wasn't ready to grow up. Simple as.

Becoming a stay at home mum was the best thing that ever happened to me. I've learnt a lot about myself and I needed to be forced to grow up however pathetic it sounds. I was painfully shy and anxious. No one would see these things because where I lived I didn't have to be forced to interact with anybody, hell I didn't even have to use a telephone!! (I did though, ask my Dad :)

Anyway, this reflection has brought upon me the realisation that I have come such a long, long way in my life. I hope this life coaching challenge can bring out the best me as a better mother, a better partner, a better person with a better life.

Enough with the soppy crap already! I hear you say.Yes quite right.
I have made other notes this week such as..If i choose not to get my arse in gear before the school run Little Miss, being a toddler, will simply rebel against my wish for her 'hurry up and put her damn trousers on' which results in a tantrum and a shouting match..very mature. I endeavour to do better next week.
I have come to peace with the fact that I will never change certain parts of my dear fiance Such as:

  •  I will always be the one who has to sort the laundry. Evidently the ever diminishing space on the dining table is not enough to make him realise that perhaps the clean clothes need a little help folding themselves...I shall continue alone.
  • He will never, ever understand my obsessive compulsion for the jars being lined up in the cuboard, the window ledge items in the bathroom needing to be a 'certain way' with their labels facing the front and food boxes being in their height order *sigh*

  • He will also never in a million years get the hang of this recycling lark. So will continue to be a bin lurker for the rest of my life waiting to grab an item off this hand before it dives in the black hole, or occasionally pop the lid open and (baring in mind I don't and won't sieve the bins contents, let me just get that clear lol) if the item is a non covered in baby food/poo then I will happily grab it with my 'Oh, Ew, No' voice, crush with my flip flop and pop it in my Big Black Box...but please; HOW HARD IS IT TO RECYCLE PLASTIC AND CARDBOARD!?
Rant over. Enjoy your Saturday fellow bloggers and curious readers.

Cupcake Mumma x

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