Dear So and So

Dear Immune System,
Please fight this evil cold I can feel lurking about somewhere inside me. I can feel my ears starting to ache and my neck is a little stiff, this is not good news..
The one who has only just got over a sodding cold!

Dear Oven,
Please self clean, it would make my life much easier and I would not feel so grubby every time I opened you up to cook.
The one who is too lazy to clean you x

Dear Teeth lurking under Little Mans gums,
Please pop through asap as Little Man is not his usual self and mummy is missing his constant smiles and hating the crying that she cannot control for at least half an hour (at a positive estimate) Besides, I want to show you off to the rest of the world.
Little Mans Mummy

Dear Autumn,
I fear I may be the only one not complaining about you. Thank-you for returning, I was not able to plan Christmas during that summer spell and I found it very shocking to the system. Glad to see the rain and the wind is back, although please can you re frame from being too harsh as I'm still waiting on a decent coat.
Thanks, Hannah

Dear Other Half,
It is my birthday soon so here is a list of what I am secretly hoping will turn up for the morning of the 29th...A lot of chocolate, some pink slippers, perhaps the bedroom finished and perhaps some other little knacks.
From Me, your not-demanding-at-all fiancee who you love entirely..remember : )

Dear Readers,
I hope you liked my first ever attempt at Dear So and So and that it looks how it is supposed to look. Have a great weekend.
Cupcake Mumma xx
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  1. Hiya :-)
    Great post!Hope you get over the cold soon & your little mans teeth come through as painlessly as possible x

  2. Aw thanks Jess, full of head cold today but Little man is feeling a bit brighter so fingers crossed x