The Gallery: Faces

Faces. I have this habit of 'people watching' and very interesting it is too watching the thinkers, the talkers, the throwing a tantrum children, teenagers, people completely lost in what is their inner world.
The faces I really love looking at are my families...As most people would also say. A warm smile from my daughter, a cheeky one from my son, a loving one from my partner....I could look at them all day. 

Below are the photos I am using for this weeks The Gallery. 
Lily's dreamy look, I always feel her eyes are telling me how much she loves me
This photo needs no words. It's not a nice look I admit, but capturing anger is  fascinating.
And is there a more peaceful thing than staring at the face of your beautiful, sleeping child?
 Finally a photo of myself and the Better Half of me. Two faces in pure love and happiness.... Almost exactly 3 years later, we still have the same loving, expression filled faces for one another.