The Gallery: Faces

Faces. I have this habit of 'people watching' and very interesting it is too watching the thinkers, the talkers, the throwing a tantrum children, teenagers, people completely lost in what is their inner world.
The faces I really love looking at are my families...As most people would also say. A warm smile from my daughter, a cheeky one from my son, a loving one from my partner....I could look at them all day. 

Below are the photos I am using for this weeks The Gallery. 
L's dreamy look, I always feel her eyes are telling me how much she loves me
This photo needs no words. It's not a nice look I admit, but capturing anger is  fascinating.
And is there a more peaceful thing than staring at the face of your beautiful, sleeping child?
 Finally a photo of myself and the Better Half of me. Two faces in pure love and happiness.... Almost exactly 3 years later, we still have the same loving, expression filled faces for one another.


  1. Awwww your post is so full of love. It oozes out of every word. Beautiful photos are you & your other half look so in love. Fab post x

  2. Beautiful, gorgeous photos and so full of love. x

  3. Ooo I've seen that angry face before LOL They make me laugh too. Lovely post and photos.