Dear So and So....

Dear So and So,
I know who you are so it is not important no one else does. I know you're not ever going to see this but I feel the need to rant. I dislike you and I dislike the way you make me feel. What I really dislike however is stirring, blame and cowardice. You're a lying sack of you know what.
One Hacked off X Friend

Dear Cough
Sod off away from my toddler, she is not her usual self, she is not sleeping and she is waking her younger brother up so much she has now invaded MY space. I have been more than patient.
Pissed off Mummy

Dear Little Miss
Your new nursery photos are the sweetest thing I have ever seen, if I could afford to buy every single one I promise I would! The choice is going to be very hard, but you look wonderful!
Love Your very proud Mummy xxx

Dear Little Man
Stop growing!!! Please!!! I need to keep you tiny!!
Mumma xxx

Dear Other Half,
It is almost exactly a week until my birthday, you don't have to spoil me...Honest.

Dear Readers,
As usual thanks for reading this week! I hope my following list can grow it's a bit pathetic but for now, cheers.  Head on over to 3 Bedroom add your own 'Dear So and So...' post.

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  1. Insanely expensive, but you can't not buy at least one can you!! Think I may write that letter ;)