The Gallery: Inspiring People

I racked my brains for the subject this week to be honest. I have many people in my life who have done great things, been through such hard times and yet come out of the other side. This more strengthens me then inspires me though to be honest so i didn't feel I could add them to The Gallery this week,

Eventually I took a little time to reflect on the person I used to be. Very shy, very withdrawn. I suffered anxiety and confidence issues for many years and it was only when I had my daughter that I had to actually do the things that terrified me. Simple things such as using a telephone would honest to God scare the hell out of me...but how were Child Tax Credits to know I had a child? How would I book an appointment to register my daughters birth? How would I arrange doctors appointments and all her injections she would need?

She is Happy honest, just wasn't too excited about that hat this morning!

I then faced Post Natal Depression which is crippling and effected our relationship a lot when she was a baby also leaving me panicking about the birth of my son 3 years later. But now all is well and I am a happy and healthy Mummy who loves her children lots. If I never had my daughter, I wouldn't have conquered a lot of my fears, no matter how silly to some.

And he was happy too, in Mummy's very overflowing laundry basket!

So here's to my children. My inspiration to face the things in life that scare me, to do well for them and myself and to have a good, rich life full of happiness. I love you both.

 I should also add that I would not be anywhere without my wonderful partner who is always reminding me of who I am :)

xCupcake Mummax

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  1. what a fab take on the theme! glad you have come through it all a stronger person :-)

  2. Awww, how lovely. Sounds like you're quite the inspiration yourself. But it's so sweet that your children are such an inspiration to you. And they are just adorable. x

  3. Thank you all so much for you comments. Yes I am blessed with 2 beautiful children if i may say so myself! x