Life Circle Week 3: Goals

Life Circle

This weeks Life Circle post is about Goal Setting. Effectively this is something that we did in Week 2 but that was a lot more detailed and was also on different time lines. Week 3 Goal setting is more about now setting realistic achievable goals say, from now to a year.

1. I want to read up on the Open Uni course I found a few weeks ago and be registered before the summer 2012

2. I want to have paid the church wedding fees off by spring next year

3. I want to join a baby and toddler group with my son for some one and one time before Christmas

4. I want to be getting together with my family monthly for dinners during the next 6 months (as much as we can)

5. I want to be having regular physiotherapy after December

6. I will be on a lower dose of my medication in the New Year

7. Finally to get some exercise in preferably by the New Year at least 3 times a week.I want to be toned and a size 12

Pretty achievable

No.1 just needs me to click about a bit online and then breathe. 
No.2 just requires saving and instead of saving and feeling crap about putting it else where (how does that work?!) feeling good about the money going to us (although £400 is steep!)
No.3 That's also easy just need motivation 
No.5 is also easy if I don't cancel any more appointments because I'm too scared to go. I have an appt next Thursday and I AM going! 
No.6 I'm feeling pretty good about lowering my dose but I will see the current dose to the end before contacting my GP who is really supportive. 
Finally No.7 will be the hardest because I have sod all motivation when it comes to exercise and I will have to shuffle my whole routine (get my arse out of bed earlier in other words) to make me feel like doing it!


  1. You've got a good mix of goals that you should be able to get dealt with quickly and a few that you're obviously going to find harder but hopefully feel a good sense of achievement because of it.

    You probably already know this, but if money's a bit tight the OU do offer financial support - there's a tool on their website to see if you are eligible.

  2. Hi,

    Great list! Sorry this is late but I've been behind with everything since half term.

    Just one word about language. I would suggest that you write your goals as "I will" rather than "I want to". It just has that bit more commitment. It's all semantics but it does make you think differently.

  3. Hi thanks for your lovely comment. *I will* certainly change my future posts as i think you are totally right! Thanks for the advice.

  4. Lovely - well done! Wishing you all the best - and glad that you're well on the way with some already - fabulous!