Dear So and SO....

Dear Cold,
Sod off. You got me but that wasn't good enough for you was it? Oh no had to go for the toddler that now won't stop moaning and waking every hour because of the cough you gave her. Then you had to go after the baby who is now all stuffed up and feeling sorry for himself.
Pee off now please.
Miffed Off Mummy.

Dear Teddy,
Please stop disappearing. When 7pm comes it is Little Miss's bedtime and I'm feeling a little weary so if you could stop playing hide and seek around this time I think we could get on much better.
Cheers Ted,
Little Miss's Mum

Dear Toothy pegs,
You have still not come through and are causing both me, Little Man and Mr B a lot of trouble. Please hurry, thanks,
Impatient Mummy

Dear October,
Hurry up, it's nearly my birthday and I am excited. Then once you have gone I can I start Christmas shopping!
Not to sound pushy or anything,

Dear Park,
Thank you for my love 2 shop vouchers. I have saved all year for them and I do love to shop!!
Yours, Happy Shopper

Dear Readers,
Have a wonderful weekend what ever you plan to do.
Cupcake Mummax

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