It always starts well...

Had a lovely day today visited my Sister and Brother-In-Law to Be's new home! Goodness knows they've waited long enough but it was certainly worth the wait as I must say I love the place! If there's one place that's gonna be full next summer it'll be that house!

The kids have so much play room it's insane. Little Miss took this occasion to really let herself go. They all ran around like toddlers possessed but at least they were entertaining themselves and I could almost fall asleep on the sofa with Little Man (if he was interested in sleep of course)

We definitely have another tooth ready to come through and it is driving me nuts! But I can only imagine how he feels, I would gladly take it all away though like most parents I would imagine.
Anyway, as I say it all started off well. We all woke up in a good mood, I managed to actually load AND turn on the washing machine before lunch so that is amazing in my book! I even cleaned the damn thing (In an Eco way too may I add!)
However, fast forward to 6pm and all hell broke loose in my cosy home (decided it may be small but it is in fact cosy, i thought I may hate it after seeing my ideal home! But i don't) both the children were screaming, crying,moaning,coughing and snotting at me and Other Half, very frustrating.

Now I'm upstairs, Little Man in his cot but Little Miss downstairs with Daddy on the sofa fast asleep waking up now and then to cough and whinge. It's a shame but I hope tomorrow me and Mr can snuggle up together and watch a film after our roast dinner, now he works late Fridays we have to find a replacement 'Date Night'.

Anyway, sure I'll post more pointless things tomorrow :)

Cupcake Mumx

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