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I have stumbled upon a new meme which I am very pleased to get stuck into every fortnight. This meme is called The 'Writing Workshop' by Sleep Is For The Weak which looks a lot of fun.

I'm from a long line of collectors. My Gran collects crystals. She has all sorts dotted about the place and I find her home a very calming place to be. My Mother has collected teapots for as long as I can remember. In fact she has so many that now her teapots are the homes of some rather lovely flowers placed in her courtyard. I notice how she has placed them near the window so as to not feel she has banished them from her collections!
My Dad collects guitars. It started off with a couple of them in their cases, sat abandoned in the corner of his bedroom. One day a couple of years ago he decided to pick them up again and now he has a little row if guitars standing proudly on their stands waiting to be played...

I collect memories. I used to collect stamps, I collected thimbles many years ago but they went to the charity shop when I was 14. Then there are my diaries. I have tonnes of diaries from when I was 10 up till now. I love writing, and what is better than writing about my day, about getting out my thoughts, venting my anger and frustrations?

Something I have always done and will continue to do, especially for my children, are memory boxes. My box is a documents box I bought from W H Smiths at the beginning of the year. Before then it has been several shoe boxes and once I managed to cram everything into a tiny thing, I'm not sure I know how I did that looking at the picture I took tonight!
Little Miss's Box happens to be a very good size and already near the top and she's only 3 and a half! Her box had my artificial flowers in that I am using for my wedding.
Mr's box is a simple shoe box, nice and big as Other Half has size 13 feet!

My special box of memories

Little Man's Box

Little Miss's Memories

As you can see the children have their tiny baby suits which always make you gasp 'You couldn't have once fitted in that?' they have their Christening candles,tiny nappies and cards from their birth. The collection for both continue to grow.
My memory box has tickets from travels, receipts I have kept,photos of me when I was a child, my friends from school, letters my best friend and I exchanged between classes,art I drew,stamps I collected and much more. I love occasionally going through my memory box and  being instantly transported into my past just by reading a sentence or looking at a picture where you can remember exactly where you were when you drew it. It's a wonderful feeling.

These days I also collect postcards. I think they're great and pick one up when ever I go to a different place. Other people also buy me them. My mum came to mine the other week with 2 postcards. One was a lovely one from her recent trip to Devon to see her Brother. The other was one her work colleague had given her whilst away on her trip to Greece! How thoughtful.
A couple of favourites

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  1. Lovely post with meaningful collections! The photos are beautiful, and I am pleased to see that you are keeping memories for your children too.

  2. Thanks for popping over :) I really enjoyed this meme.