31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

I've decided to join in with the 31 day blog challenge as hosted by a new blogger I have found, Emma from BoyOhBoy. I'm really excited to join in and meet some new bloggers and maybe get to know others better.

For Day 1 I'm going to introduce myself and post a recent picture!
So, for those who don't know I'm Hannah the name behind Cupcake Mumma which isn't even a year old! I'm 22 and mother to my 4 year old Little Miss and 1 year old Little Man. I'm getting married this August (getting close) to a lovely man I met 5 years ago.

I am a young Mummy, I had my daughter when i was 18 and my son when I was 21. I regret nothing. I love taking photos, i enjoy reading and am just a bit obsessed with my iPhone and Twitter. I'm a bit of a recluse and should get out more- one my challenges in life! Last but not least I live in Cornwall UK which is a lovely place to live (when I get out of the town!)

Now for a recent photo of me. I'm not a fan of my photo being taken but I'll play along!

PS. Obviously I am also an avid fan of cupcakes and pink!

20 comments on "31 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1"
  1. Hi Hannah, lovely to 'meet' you. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. :-) x

  2. Lovely Blog Hannah i look forwards to learning lots more about you, i too am a massive cupcake & Pink fan im sure we will get on well :) xxx

  3. Nice to meet you. Your children are ADORABLE. :) Can't wait to read more. :D

  4. I too am doing the 31 day challenge! Lovely introduction hun, looking forward to finding out more about you! Now following the blog :) xx

    1. Thanks Vikki much appreciated :) Im enjoying it all, hope you are too xx

  5. Hello, looking forward to reading more, also v much love twitter, tis addictive! x

  6. Gotta love an iphone - do you use Instagram? I'm Janmary there too.

    Spent a few lovely holidays in Cornwall, gorgeous part of the country!

    1. I'll check you out!
      Thanks, it is pretty proud to live here x

  7. Hi Hannah lovely to meet you, you have such a lovely blog x

    1. Thank you Lisa that's really lovely of you x

  8. Hi Hannah! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am getting married next year. :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts this month!

    1. Hi Katie thanks for checking out my blog :) lovely to meet you too, im sure they'll be plenty of wedding gossip then! x

  9. Hi Hannah, Lovely to meet you. Thanks for joining in! How exciting to be getting married soon!! I love being married and have been married almost 5 years now!

    1. Hi Emma thanks! I'm so pleased to be joining in! Oh wow congrats i'm getting jittery now lol xx

  10. Total iPhone, twitter and cupcake addict here too:) lovely to meet you x

    1. And you! This challenge is so fab especially meeting twitter, iPhone cupcake lovers! x


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