Art I Heart

I love art. I studied art in school with a very passionate teacher which is the best kind of teacher there is. Not every teacher is passionate anymore about their chosen field, and I can't say I always blame them these days. But anyway, this was my time and this was my teacher in my art class and I thought he was wicked. Hell we all did!

I love sculptures, photography, I can appreciate paintings and drawings and of course they are art- some wonderful pieces out there as well. I also see certain types of graffiti as art, a controversial statement some may say. I don't believe it is always mindless vandalism.

Anyway, I received a postcard recently which i thought was fab. I joined a post crossing site ( where you send and receive postcards all around the world, it's great and always puts a smile on my face. The postcard below is from a student in America, she got me to a T!

I'm linking this post up with Midlife Singlemum who has just taken the plunge with this new meme. 
Cupcake Mumma

6 comments on "Art I Heart"
  1. Oooh I love this piccie, would look great as a canvas up in my kitchen!!xx

    1. Lol I wish they sold fab pictures in cornwall like they do there! Im a cupcake freak haha xx

  2. Thanks for doing this Cupcake Mumma - you're my first link on the linky! Love your cupcake postcard - very lush.

    1. Keep plugging away i'm sure it'll take off eventually! xx

  3. That sounds like a fun project to get postcards from around the world.

    Love that they did your blog name!

  4. It is brilliant, better than a bill in the post box! x


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