Snap Slappers Week 2

Oh yeah week of Snap Slappers and I am loving it. I spent 2 hours last night on Picnik (addicted much?) and I had such fun discovering all the new effects. The only reason I shut the computer was because I realised I hadn't done any of the lounge painting in preperation for the new sofa today..Ah maybe I do have a problem when I spend all my time playing with pictures and not enough time caring for my home...Nahhhh

So tonight I choose this photo: Capturing a moment!!

And turn it into something a bit more fancy

Not much of a change but i'm going for a classy look this week!
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6 comments on "Snap Slappers Week 2"
  1. It looks fab! The lights really stand out. Can't believe that was taken from your Tv (really?)
    Thanks for joining in x

  2. Love it, very subtle = total classiness!

  3. Thanks ladies was indeed from the Tv! I cant beleive it either was only messing! x

  4. Looks really good - as if you were there.

  5. Aw man, I thought you had seen the Coca Cola truck for real!


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