Coughs, Colds..and some Christmas Cheer

I've been feeling slightly bogged down with things this week. Luckily I am feeling better bar the earache that has crept upon me this evening. Little Miss has fully recovered which I was pleased about until the sign at nursery stated: 'Please be aware we have a case chicken pox in the nursery!' I always read these signs like the person who writes them is saying it in a sing song voice like it really isn't a big deal and we should all be pleased at the prospect of the children getting it now...Well I'm not pleased! She may not get it, I hope she doesn't because that means the dreaded pox will be here for Christmas and we had a rotten enough Christmas last year.
Little Man is feeling very sorry for himself cough,snot antibiotics and all. Poor lad. We'll get there in the end!

On the positive side of things I wanted to cheer my house up a little and the prospect of putting my Christmas decs up next week is just oh so exciting! So last night I put together a little creation, nothing too fabulous just enough for a bit of understated sparkle on my rather ugly fire place.
Some nice artificial flowers/fruit selection 1.00 each from the bargain store, some stars 1.00 from Pound Stretcher, the white basket was bought for me and they're sold everywhere especially in Pound Stretchers though and some rather nice coloured tinsel 1.99 again from Pound Stretcher. Tonight I'm going to carry on making my paper chains which is part of my journey of revisiting my childhood for Christmas. My little sister always made paper chains and my Mum put them all the way across the hallway complete with lights around the banisters. My sister also wrapped boxes up with pretty paper and placed them under a small artificial tree we kept in the hallway as well.
Have you made (or like me slung together) anything that gives that early bit of sparkle before the decs officially go up? 
CupcakeMumma x

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  1. Oooh great fireplace creation! Love a fellow mum who does things on a budget! My pre-christmas decorations so far includes white fairy lights on the beams around my living room (though to be fair they've been there all year) and a cute little blackboard counting down the days til the big day. It always used to be a tradition in my family to put the decs up only 10 days before Christmas...but Sam and I will be at it on the 1st this year!

    Chicken pox - if she's been going to the nursery with this kid, chances are, if she's caught it, she'll have chicken pox in her system already and will only be a bit behind with symptoms developing. Rubbish that it's happened when you've already got sickness in the house but I'd guess she'll get it over and done with before Christmas (if she gets it at all). Sam had it at 8 months and only had two nights when he was really bad with it. Now it feels great to have it over and done with and I can post annoyingly superior comments (such as this) on people's blogs! ;)