The Gallery- Something I am Proud Of

There are many things in life I could be proud of. The obvious being my children and my partner, various family members fighting through difficult times But I'd like to be a little self indulgent tonight, so for The Gallery this week which Tara has asked us to think of 'something we're proud of' I am going to say 'myself'.

I'm proud of finding out I was pregnant at 17 and deciding to have my baby even though it wasn't what everyone thought I should do. I didn't care what anyone else thought. I didn't care that some people rolled their eyes when I announced I was engaged to my partner. I accept I was young but still I am proud I stood my ground and the first time in my life I didn't allow people to make me feel bad about my choices.

I am proud that I gave birth at 18 and I got through it okay. I brought my daughter to a loving home and got through some tough times. I'm proud to say my partner and I are still together although we faced a lot of problems in the first few years of our daughters life. I'm proud that I got through post natal depression with the love and support of my partner. I'm proud that I later gave birth to my son after a pretty grizzly pregnancy and afterwards got support for my mild depression and anxiety which I still work on to this day and feel like I've come an awful long way.

So there you are, just a few things I'm proud of myself for! I'm surprised I've pulled that out tonight as I'm feeling particularly blue this evening but never mind! Things like this always give you a good nudge in the right direction.

So, what are you proud of?


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while now ( and love it :-) ) I even tagged you on on my first taggy thingy but didn't link to you so you prob didn't get it! What am I like!
    Well I think you should be proud of what you've done!My son is nearly 19yrs old now & I can't imagine what it must be like for a teen to find out they are pregnant & to go ahead with the pregnancy & do their best when they are so young themselves.
    I just wanted to say *yay* to you & your family.Girl you have done well :-) xx

  2. It sounds like you have had to real trial to overcome and have done them commendably! You have a lot to be proud of and beautiful children as a result of all you have accomplished! x