Four Teens and a Catch Up

I haven't posted here since Midge turned 14 with her birthday post. Do I feel a little bad that I seemed to have packed it in a bit before writing up my 3 boys birthdays? I do a little!

The title of this post is a smidge inaccurate; I technically only have two teens but my youngest two, J and A, have turned 11 this year and they're full on pre-teen so I really don't feel like I only have two teens to be honest!

A lot has changed in just these few months, lots of good things really. Of course we've been hit by the cost of living like *almost* everyone else (I'm looking at you politicians) so we have been re doing budgets, reading up on being more frugal as if it's not something we are well versed with already and like a lot of families we are in the very busy part of the year where schools are preparing for taster sessions, summer holidays and all things secondary school in our case.

J and A are both starting secondary school this September. I think both of them will have a shock to the system. J will be fine work wise but I think going from a 1 class per year small primary school to a huge (and all boys) secondary will be a surprise. James has been getting into some gym stuff at a new group, he is really active and loves throwing himself around so we thought suggesting gymnastics would be a good shout.

A is going to struggle work wise until he is popped into sets and finds his ideal work level but the thing he will find the most difficult is how secondary deal with behaviour. Being slightly behind cognitively with his additional needs, A doesn't always react in an age appropriate way and although teachers give a suitable amount of leeway he does still know right from wrong and may find it difficult in the difference between how primary treats you and how secondary treats you.

He's been to some football clubs in the half terms and has more booked in plus he's joined a new football club on Saturdays. He loves playing goalie and it looks like he may have a chance to do some goal keeping for a team of theirs if he keeps coming. 

I've already been in touch with the new schools SENCO and the school have been great with Midge so I'm hoping we will have a good experience with A too. I think once he settles all will be okay. It's very nerve wracking!

Will is also starting school! After being home educated since he was about six years old this is a huge step for him and for Martyn as well. He has asked to go to school for some time now but we had a long old fight with the council (quelle surprise! Not!) he has finally been given a school for children diagnosed with Autism and he is so excited to start. There are vocational courses and lessons, cookery, a garden and a farm for him to enjoy and learn with. We still have to wrestle with school transport as he is about half an hour away from both ours and his Mum's house. Wish us luck!

Midge has been doing all sorts of tests and things ready for year 10. She is mostly loving art but has been getting into English too. At the moment she has no plans in her mind about her future other than wanting to do sixth form. I keep telling her there's loads of time for that. There's been other things too which I'm so proud of her for but they are not my stories to share.

Martyn will be getting his new indoor wheelchair soon and today we've had a new wet room floor fitted. We have to figure out getting an electric bed and also sorting out his current chair because it's the one that we can put into the car when travelling and, yet again, it's been playing silly arses and not lasting long. Ask me privately where I got it from and I'll let you know to stay well clear!

We were doing our churches social media but we weren't able to make it grow how we envisioned it, we were also spending a lot of hours a week on it and for Martyn in particular it was becoming too much so although it was a good experience and we were sad to leave it, we don't regret the decision at all and hope to do something with our skills including Martyn's artwork in the future.

As for me, at the moment I am exhausted all the time. It's probably a low B12 but the doctors have my blood for testing and next week I get the results. I'm alright in general, being kept busy with the school things, devouring books and trying to keep to my pledge of low spending this year. I've not been doing too badly I must say.  I'm also trying to look after my body better with walking and my second hand exercise bike. It's not going great but I'm not beating myself up.

If you got this far then thank you! I'm not sure people really read blogs anymore and if they do I'm assuming they come from Facebook or Twitter, neither of which I have! If you have caught up though thank you! Don't forget to subscribe (it's okay, you wont hear from me often!)


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