Midge Turns Fourteen!

On the seventeenth of January my eldest turned fourteen...14! Where is it all going? 

Midge has had a huge turning point over the past couple of years. I feel our children have been through so much since the pandemic started. She's dealt with the onset of social anxiety due to not being out and about as much and then thrusted back into school life, sadly she lost her favourite teacher in her favourite subject and that hit her hard.

Still, she's made out of strong stuff this one and with the right support has continued to flourish both personally and in many other ways. Her confidence has changed, she feels comfortable in her sexuality, made more solid friendships with some lovely girls and dived into her art work even further. 

Midge wearinf her blond hair down and a checked shirt smiles at the camera kneeling by a bed

Midges birthday was on a Monday this year which meant, as usual, she was in school. We managed to get up early enough for one present opening and birthday pancakes with chocolate sauce. We love our birthday pancakes! 

School wasn't an issue, apparently Monday is a good lesson day and she got to see her friends who actually spoiled her a bit to be fair with books, money and chocolate - so thoughtful. 

Close up image of a heart shaped chocolate cake on a silver board. On top are 4 candles not lit, a pink small happy birthday sign and the top is ckvered with icing dust and gold stars

Every year we celebrate our birthdays in a rather understated way. We all choose a birthday dinner and Martyn and I will create it! Usually Midge goes for an Indian or Chinese dish but this year she just wanted a buffet. The girl loves her beige food!

So they had pizza, sausage rolls, biscuits, chocolate and crisps: everything that's not very good for you basically but oh well! It was enjoyed! 

After dinner, we all piled into another room for present time. Midge got money, a new school bag, art set, chocolate, headphones and more things I will never be able to remember!

Finally we did cake.

Samson, a white westie sits behind anheart shaped chocolate cake lookong at the camera

A heart shaped chocolate cake with 4 cabdles lit. Midge smiles at the camera

A heart shaped free from chocolate cake, nice and simple because Midge doesn't like butter cream. There was also a gateau but I can't eat that so I made this! 

Here's to my beautiful eldest daughter and another wonderful birthday!

1 down, 3 to go!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Midge! She sounds like a lovely girl, you must be so proud. Beige food is the best. hehehe I do love a buffet. x