Strange Times

It's such a strange time at the moment. There seems to be an atmosphere of so many emotions. At home I see the children going about things as normal, just like I did when I was younger and these big events went on.

Mr K is being his usual self. He has plans in his head in case one of us does get sick and in general he isn't losing his mind in any way, shape or form. He is concerned about James, who is high risk and he himself is potentially high risk. He does have Muscular Dystrophy but as usual with FSH we really have no idea how sick (or not) this virus would make him.

So in general the household is pretty calm. I'm sort of keeping my anxiety at bay. I continuously try to remain calm and logical and try not to engage in the news too much during the day, just the odd peek here and there. I'm far more worried about getting sick as a carer than a parent. This isn't a 24 hour bug that I can push through a little, it's a full on flu type sickness and I have to be there for my partner when no one else is, not with everything but with some things still.

Outside the world is pretty calm too..until you go to the supermarket. Then it's full of people cramming loo rolls, water bottles, tins and pasta into their overflowing trolleys like mad men and women. I find myself feeling judgemental but reminding myself some people, like myself, would be doing their normal monthly shop. I get paid monthly so it's how I do it, meaning the poor staff in Tesco would have 2 big green trolley things going around purchasing all our tins, our 3 9 pack loo rolls, and doubles of most things because we are a family of 6. I'm even justifying myself in my head! 

An ASDA store aisle completely empty with boxes on the floor

The online world is absolutely mad though. I see many people ripping others a part, people scared, a lot of us lost without our government and others feeling like we have enough information so they disregard how others feel. There is abuse, a lack of sympathy, plain foolishness, fake news flying everywhere..but then I see people both locally and nationally making groups and offering help to those who are elderly and vulnerable. People offering to pick up groceries or find items in their shops when someone has been everywhere to look for something as simple as paracetamol.

It's such a roller coaster right now for everyone. I think now, more than ever, it would be really good to not say anything if you have nothing kind to say. Offer help if you can and if you want to. Make choices that are right for you and your family but don't make fun, abuse or call out people who are making different choices for themselves and their family.

For us, we have no idea. I'm still thinking schools will close in time for or bang on Easter holiday time but that we may see an extension to our holiday. We may not. Our children are in school at the moment because they are healthy but it is worrying knowing that you have to recognise that you can't control other people; not everyone is following the guidelines which is frightening to a high risk home. I feel like we are all a bit in limbo right now.

Strange times indeed.

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