Reasons To Be Cheerful #1

Okay, so we're finally at the end of January and that's probably one huge reason for a lot of us to be feeling more cheerful. I was supposed to write this post up the first week of January but as usual life got in the way: oh well.

I do have many reasons to smile despite the miserable weather and the long month. The main reason I can say this is because I have been keeping an (almost) daily journal of all the good parts of that day (even if the only good part is that I haven't gone off my trolley by the end of it!)

Here are some of my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1. Mr K has finally picked up his pencils again and has made his first picture of 2020 for me. It is my beautiful dog Peppa who passed away last year very suddenly. She is so loved and missed. I will be framing her and finding a special place for her in our home.

2. I have finally found the secret to an amazing milk free and gluten free (most importantly!) Yorkshire pudding mix: Gram Flour! Also known as chickpea flour. I cannot tell you how happy this has made me (clue, very) 

3. An impromptu visit to Eastgate House today for some history with Will. 

4. Mr K's power chair has been ordered! We hope it'll be here next week.

5. All the kids are making progress with their schooling. They all feel the pressure slightly these days, the younger 2 are having to go through this new times tables testing in a few months. Midge is having to do revision and exams already and she's only in year 7. They all seem to be doing their best and I can't be happier than with that plus Will is looking forward to school too, we now have an EHCP journey to embark upon to get this ready for him!

I've also managed to catch up with some family this week, attended the funeral of a lovely man which is obviously not a happy event but it was a lovely service and as a Christian we believe that this is only the beginning for such an amazing man. 

Hopefully I'll make it back next week too!

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