Vegan Salted Caramel Cheesecake

I've been wanting to write this up for a while now but I've been so poorly that I've had to step away from the laptop. Thankfully I'm feeling a little better! Before I start, the lovely folks at have helped me to make this recipe by supplying at least 4 of the ingredients. Their Coconut oil, Maple Syrup, Macadamia Nuts and the most important: Cashew nuts.

A few things about this cheesecake before I show you the recipe (you can skip straight to it if you like of course!) The cashew nuts really do need to be soaked. You can either soak them over night or if you're a hopeless scatter brain like myself popping them in some boiling water before you plan to start will soften them up. When it comes to blending, these need to be soft to make the lovely cheesecake filling we all know and love!

The vegan margarine I use is called Vitalite and can be found in any supermarket. Alternatively you can stick with the Coconut Oil if you like a real a coconut taste.
I use Soya milk but any other milk will work. You can also substitute Maple Syrup for Golden Syrup.

How delicious does this look? I still had a good chunk left over so I've popped it back into my freezer for another day. All the children have enjoyed it which if I'm honest, I wasn't expecting what with all the different nutty flavours! The caramel has to be my favourite bit because it was my first time ever making a vegan caramel, I wasn't sure what to expect! 

This recipe can easily serve a group sitting, there's 5 of us eating it and there was still half left! It takes hardly any time at all to make but the patience is in the waiting for that filling to freeze (it's totally worth it though!) 

I hope if you have a go at this recipe that you'll let me know how you got on and share some photos with me too. You can also check out my other recipes by clicking my Recipe Page where you'll find another fruitier vegan cheesecake.


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