Surviving January ♡

I don't know about anyone else but I've found January to be so incredibly long. It hasn't been a bad month it's just been slow. Midges birthday helped pass some of the time with her yummy dinner made by Mr K and a rather delicious cake. I love the children's birthdays but once it was done and dusted things have really slowed down. 

I wanted to put together a few things that have got me through January and as the weather declines more, will most likly get me through February too!

Will-pops. Focusing on home ed isn't always easy for me as a mum to schooled children. I'm very much the mum who will do a lot for her children but appreciate the silence those 6 hours bring! Having Will about has given us the days that fly by when we are busy with a group or filled up with his love of baking which in turn, has brought back my love of baking.

New free from treats! I've been poorly most of January and am undergoing tests to see what's happening. When I've had my brighter days I've very much enjoyed checking out new products on the free from range. These pork pies are delicious from ASDA, a real comfort food!

As I mentioned above, having Will constantly want to bake has brought my love of it back a bit this month. There's nothing better than a hot chocolate and a warm brownie when it's cold! 

Jumpers! Lots and lots of jumpers, thick cardigans and my care bear slippers. I try to wear some style of jumper all round if I'm honest but winter means I can extend my range! I currently have a big orange cardigan I snuggle in but I need more. I've been looking at Simply Be because I can see what their clothes look like on my shape and I'm particularly loving the Girl Power one and the pink one which is similar to the black one I already have. 

I've been reading and letter writing a lot over January. I've written back to a lot of snail mail friends I lost contact with last year and I've started my journals again. Reading has also upped which I'm happy about. At night I can get a hot drink, sit under my duvet and pretend it's not raining or snowing or whatever it's been doing out there this month!

I've also hidden in my dressing gown a lot and eaten some lovely warm breakfasts at a local cafe we like. Sometimes a good warming cooked breakfast is all you need on a dull January day!

What's got you through January?

This is part of a collaboration with Simply Be however all words, good food and lazy January days are my own!

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