Midge Turns 11! ♡

Every year I write a birthday post for the children so they can look back and see what they looked like, what cake they got and what they did for their special day.

Last year Midge had a special blow out kind of birthday because it was her last one in Cornwall. She was allowed for the first time ever to invite a group of friends and have a proper outside birthday. She chose to do a group trampolining day and loved it. I never do those birthdays because of the expense and the time it takes me to organise. I grew up having friends round and food of choice and that's what I do for my children now. Last year was a one off special occasion for her though and I'm glad we did it.

This year Midge chose to have a proper family birthday with all 6 of us. We had a normal morning and day then went into card and present opening after school before enjoying her chosen meal. 

I wasn't very well leading up to her birthday so for the first time ever I wasn't in charge of the cake! Martyn and Will took over and produced this amazing cake covered birthday cake! Needless to say she LOVED it.

Dinner was a joint effort between myself and Mr K. Following his tried and tested recipes we made a splendid Indian takeaway. We were going to order one in as a birthday treat but as we are trying to save our pennies we opted for a home made treat which appealed to everyone, even the fussiest girl in the world! 

Midge was truly spoiled. She had money from relatives in Cornwall, new books and stationery, clothes, art sets, headphones, squishy toys and make up related items too. She had fun and even claimed it's the best birthday she's ever had which was lovely. 

Bring on the tweens!


  1. Ah, Happy Birthday to Midge! I am glad she had a wonderful time and that cake looks absolutely amazing! x