My 2019 Ticklist

I didn't set any goals last year, although you could argue just surviving through all the shit was a goal in itself! I decided I would set some this year however so here they are. Do you have any goals you'd like to accomplish this year? I'd love to know!
  • Focus on my Eco goals.
I really want to continue on the journey I sort of started on last year. I became more aware of the rubbish I was throwing away and recycling last year and it's something I'm keen to whittle down on. I want to up-cycle more, which Mr K is a huge fan of and I'd like to make sure I give things away or sell them on when they're no longer needed.

  • Get the garden growing flowers and food again. Attracting butterflies and bees
One of  Mr K's big things this year is making our garden a home to bees and I'm totally up for that. We are going to have a good mix of herbs and flowers which bees love and I am really looking forward to getting our garden growing again because we had pretty good success last year.

  • Get a divorce
Oh the big one! It's sort of frowned upon for people to look forward to their divorce but I did all my mourning the relationship nearly 2 years ago now and I'm really looking forward to signing on the dotted line and becoming a free lady again! It means my future is once again opened up and yes, that does mean I'd love to get married again!

  • Come off anti depressants
Last year I came off my antidepressants fairly early on and even through all the difficulties we experienced I didn't go back on them until our social worker turned up. We have had a real rough time with him and it's brought about some incredible lows for me. I'm hoping that by the end of this year I won't be on them anymore.

  • Focus on small money making like surveys and savings so we have a little nest egg at the end of the year

I started off this year trying to save a certain amount a day but I couldn't really afford it so I've decided to transfer a lower amount of £2 per day which will still give me over £600 if I stop before Christmas. I'm doing my Park vouchers again this year too. I've been doing *OhMyDosh and so far I've made just over £100 on that plus I've been using *Prolific which so far for January is just under £10. I'm really fussy with surveys. there are so many you can use but I can't be bothered with the point ones as I get screened out a lot!

  • Get my health back on track both mentally and physically
This isn't just about coming off my pills but also learning to calm myself, have more patience and be more spiritual. I need to lose some weight and focus on my cravings and binging.

  • Decorate the bathrooms
We have 2 bathrooms. One is small and we are decorating it as a Doctor Who themed toilet so that really needs finishing! It's only half blue at the moment! The second bathroom is the accessible one and it'll be themed too, just waiting on some suggestions from Mr K!

  • Make my own reusable items
This ties in with the whole eco friendly thing. I'm thinking of making my own beeswax wraps because I find them really pricey to buy. I'd also like to look into homemade cleaners, sprays for the home and soaps. 
  • Learn to paint
  • Regularly write again particularly to pen pals
  • Read 30 books
  • Go to another christian festival
  • Spend some time doing more Bible study
  • Make homemade Christmas gifts
  • Play a song on the piano
  • Donate to good causes every month
  • Have a family gathering
  • Make sleep a priority and get into a good bedtime routine
  • Significantly reduce my take outs this year. I spent way too much last year!

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