GeekFest 4.0 and First Time Cosplaying!

I've finally recovered from the awesome event that was Geekfest 4.0. This is Cornwalls very own answer to comicon and it is getting bigger and better every single year. I went last year with Mr K and we went as ourselves to really get a feel of the event, enjoy the stalls and cosplay on show. We were going to do the same again when Mr K suggested WE go in cosplay!

We thought long and hard about our cosplay outfit and finally Mr K arrived at the perfect idea...Ghostrider and little known but still very much part of the Marvel universe, Alejhandra Jones who is also known as the female ghostrider, a nemesis of Johnny Blaze.

The reason behind our couples cosplay is simply we wanted to do something together, the reason behind this particular character choice was the limitation of characters which we could use the wheelchair with. It was really important to Mr K to make the wheelchair part of the costume instead of him being any character sat in a wheelchair. We wanted to make his disability part of his cosplay not separate from it and I think we did an amazing job.

After a good few months we finally show cased our couples Ghostrider cosplay:

Mr K and I as The Ghostriders

It was so incredible to cosplay this year and we are already putting plans together for next year. People were stopping us and asking us for photos it was just ace. We met some awesome cosplayers:

Ghostrider and The Punisher

Aurora cosplay

Fantastic Star Wars cosplay.

We Entered a competition...and won judges favourite!! The final 3 were epic, here is a photo of us with the winners!

There must've been about 30 who entered and they were all just amazing. The children's competition was fantastic too.

We got to meet Paul Warren who is a character actor staring in films such as Captain America: Civil War, Star Wars and Thor 2. We got 4 signed photos and had a lovely chat with him. We met Clem So who features in Doctor Who, Star Wars and Guardians of The Galaxy plus more. He asked us for a photo which was awesome then we chatted, got a signed photo and this ace selfie:

Mr K, myself and Clem So.

We couldn't pass up the chance to have some Doctor Who fun:

Mr K and I in front of  The Tardis

A truly awesome Darlek

The last thing on our list was to check out the sellers tents. We visited our firm favourite Geeky Gifts for a chat and to buy some badges for the children; we picked up 2 special badges for Midge from another stall and had a lovely chat with Brambledown Design who were both lovely and funny. Check out this Porg print I bought!

Finally we bought 2 amazing painted works by Jo Stroud who is on Etsy. Mr K and I (in fact our whole household) are Marvel mad so we could not pass up buying these for our home, they're stunning. Here is Thanos:

We missed out on one exhibition which we didn't know was going on and the prosthetics which is always a good show case, but I'm sure it'll be there next year and it didn't spoil our time at all.

I will do a seperate post about our cosplay as a memory for us but also so you can see how we made the wheelchair into a motorbike and put our costumes together!
We are so, so looking forward to attending next year and we have more exciting cosplay plans for the future! 

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