Reasons to be Cheerful


There have been so many lovely flowers popping up here there and everywhere. In our garden the cucumber, courgette and runner beans have started to flower, the roses and poppies in Martyns dads garden are blooming and I'm seeing so many wild flowers and weeds it is so nice to see them not strimmed down.



Blended famiky life really isn't easy. Mostly we are flying by the seat of our pants but then I think everyone would say that! In general the  children all get on but we have a few things to iron out and most of my prayer life these days is centred on our family coming together and bonding.

I am cheerful about Midge finally getting into school, James doing so well in school after his home schooling and A starting beavers as well as school is something to be very happy about.

Quality Time

I got to spend some time with Midge this week which was lovely. We headed to town and bought the rest of her new uniform ready for Monday. She's so excited to start school again. We had a nice hot chocolate together before heading home to Will and Maddy (that's Mr K) 


Raising Awareness

Another year has seen another FSHD awareness month. June 20th was a day to spread more awareness and knowledge by charities, sufferers and their loved ones.

Mr K suffers from Facioscaplurohumeral muscular dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease affecting the face, arms and back but also other areas of the body, it's a disease that can rob you of your smile so the FSH Society each year asks people to post orange smile selfies and that's just what we did.

It's so lovely to write this post, I will try to write one this coming week too!


  1. Good luck to Lily at school. I had not heard of FSHD before - I'm going to google it now.

    1. Ah thank you for searching for it! Thank you she had a very good first day :)

  2. Lily going back to school sounds like good news in all sorts of ways, I resume it means you've found the right school and she feels ready to go back? I know how difficult both of those can be, so really great to hear xx

    1. She's going to a great school and although nervous has had a great forst day. Thanks :)