Visiting Father Christmas 2017

The children and I  were looking for something to do last weekend when I came across a post online from a local shop. The quirky little teddy bear store at the top of town, Dylan's Bear Necessities was going to be playing host to a very special visitor! 

We arrived early to make sure the queue wouldn't be too big. It's only a small shop so I knew we could potentially be in the rain if we didn't shift ourselves! Both the children were excited and waited patiently to see Father Christmas.

A and Midge with Father Christmas 

I am so pleased at the age of 9 Midge still believes in Father Christmas. A lot of children her age don't which is quite sad but not surprising these days. They aren't sold that it's the real Santa but they at least believe the real one is so busy he has to have some help this time of year!

Both the children left the shop happy with a gift each and I bought a little cuddly lamb that we named Rowan as a way of saying thank you to the shop owners for putting time and effort into a Santa visit for free.

 Midge and A with their gifts. They both got some stationery which was useful and they both loved using the sets as soon as they got home.

Midge with Rowan the lamb

Little A with Rowan. He's very well loved!

A little something we found rather fun and different upon leaving the shop and hunting for sausage rolls was this gentleman all dressed up and roaming the town and its shops on stilts. Fab!

We had a great morning and I was pleased to tick the visit to Santa off the Christmas to do list before November! 


Stevie - A Cornish Mum said...

Aw what a lovely thing for the shop to do! Sounds like a lot of fun, the miss the Father Christmas days!

Stevie x

Angela Webster said...

How lovely of the shop to do that for free, the kids look like that had a wonderful time x

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your very kind comments. We are so pleased that you enjoyed your visit. We are only the hosts, the grotto is paid for by all local businesses via BID and is staffed by the Lions

Dylan, Deb, Wagner and Col (Team Ted at Dylan's Bear Necessities

Hannah said...

It was lovely I will miss it when these days are over for us too!x

Hannah said...

Thank you Colin. We loved the effort everyone went to and the children had such good fun. Thanks to all involved

Hannah said...

It really was lovely and very enjoyable x

Unknown said...

What a fab day!Love a nice Father Christmas, my middle boy is 8 and I'm dreading him not believing any more.The lamb is really cute too!