Our At Home Christingle

I remember doing Christingle services as a child in our local church. I loved them as a child but it's not something I carried on doing as I grew up nor with my two; we just never felt very at home in our local church so never went back. 

Now though we go to a lovely church when we stay with Mr K and the boys and we all love it there. Mr K was with the boys at their Christingle service on Sunday which they attend every year. I decided to teach L and A about Christingle but we did it in the comfort of our home. 

Here's what you'll need:  

An Orange, which represents the earth.

A red ribbon to tie around the orange representing the blood of Christ.

Dried fruits skewered on cocktail sticks (we used Dolly Mix too!) Which are pushed into the orange, representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons. 

A lit candle, usually white, pushed into the centre of the orange, representing Jesus Christ as the light of the world.

We worked together with me letting the children have a go at what they thought all the different elements meant. They did really well actually and it was a lovely activity which allowed me to feel closer to my children and share my faith with them. L in particular identifies as a Christian and enjoys church a lot. 

After we made them we lit the candles and all said a prayer. I started off and the guys chipped in with things and people they were thankful for.  It was such a lovely moment. Next year we will be able to do this as a proper family at church, although I must admit I quite liked our homemade service! 

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