The Dickens Festival 2017

A few weeks ago I travelled up to Kent to visit Mr K and the boys. We like to try to see each other at least once a month and I decided I would travel up to see him this time. We did our usual thing of chilling out, doing some odd jobs around the house and entertaining the boys. They showed me their neighbourhood's Christmas lights which was lovely and they took me to Rochester for its annual Dickens Festival.

I had so much fun despite the crowds. It was really hard to see the stalls in the castle ground so sadly I missed out on that. There were so many people and in these situations it's hard enough for able bodied people to get around let alone Martyn who was in his wheelchair for this day trip. We moved away from the castle pretty quickly (okay, as quick as we could!) I got to sample some homemade jams from Joannes Preserves they were delicious. I bought fig jam and rhubarb jam which was mine and Will's favourite. 

Joanne makes so many delcious goodies! I can't wait to try more

We walked around a little to see some other stalls and stopped briefly to listen to the band playing some popular songs. It felt very festive. I took the opportunity as we went through town to get a photo of the house Charles Dickens stayed in when he wrote some of his famous novels.

We all had a nice stroll down through the town. There were snow machines which were blowing 'snow' out every few minutes much to the boys delight. We saw so many people dressed up in some amazing outfits; it's so wonderful to see so many people get into the festival spirit and doing so simply for the love and joy; even stopping to take photos with us and many others around us.

The boys loved the snow!

Faboulous steam punk outfits!

We saw some of the parade which was very busy but there were even more people dressed up looking amazing. We all got pretty cold around this point and decided we should head home to all warm up and grab some fish and chips. Walking home as the sun was starting set was beautiful.

An almost family photo! I'm looking forward to taking one next year and squeezing us all in!

The sun starting to set over the River Medway

I had a lovely day despite how crowded it was and how difficult it was to get the wheelchair around. I'm looking forward to going to the summer festival which I hear is really good too. Hopefully we can plan when the days will be less busy; a Saturday was never going to be not busy but it was worth going just so I could experience a bit of the place I am soon going to be living in!

Cupcake Mumma

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