Day 2 of The 7 Day Self Care Challenge - Removing the Mask

Sometimes when I walk around town, or do the school run and I say "Hey you alright," "Mornin'", and people smile, wave or reply with a "Great thanks!" I wonder if they really are okay?
I know that sometimes I smile and chit chat when inside I cannot wait to go home and curl up under some covers and hibernate. How many people feel the same? How many people are struggling inside but have a wonderfully made up, well practised face?

Day 2 of the 7 day Self Care Challenge is all about removing masks. I think we could all be a little more sympathetic to each other you know? We all have tough times and so many of us could help each other out if we were more honest. The other day a friend was obviously struggling, she couldn't keep that mask on much longer. Finally I learnt that several friends were finding things tough and as a friend, I can now do whatever I can to make them happier, to offer comfort and support or whatever they need. A simple donation of mushrooms and carrots that were weighing down my bag made a difference to one lady who couldn't buy any fresh vegetables for another week.

We all seem very well versed in mask wearing but let's remember, masks slip.

Today's reflection questions:

1) Are you wearing a mask for the sake of others or for self-preservation? If so, what is it?

I think on days I feel low, especially very low, I most certainly do wear a mask. It's so much easier to pretend you're okay instead of being honest and admitting you just don't feel great, easier than having to admit you feel really sad and you have no idea why.
Some days I wear a very real mask. My sister found some wonderful foundation for me to use to help lessen my pink cheeks which easily become red cheeks thanks to my excessive blushing! I don't wear it every day because I feel that I'm letting it win, and by 'it' I mean the thoughts of being ugly,a fool, weird etc I've fought too hard to try to accept myself for who I am and what my body does so I'm very conscious of not relying on this make up all the time to hide myself.

2) This week, identify one struggle. Maybe it’s a past hurt, bad theology that damaged your view of God, or something else. Name it.

Anxiety is my one struggle. It seriously grips me.

3) This entire journal is about learning to take off the mask. How will you be kind to yourself as you consider changing your life?

I will tell myself more often that I deserve to be happy and to love myself. To accept we all have bad days, some more than most and it's okay to be honest. If I don't want to be honest with others at least I will be honest with myself and treat myself with kindness.

Cupcake Mumma

Edit* I'm now on day 5 of the challenge and I feel like I'm doing really well. You'll notice these days missing from the blog and in all honestly as part of my own Self Care I'm keeping these days to myself and writing privately. Xx


  1. I find it's quite easy to be nice to people, to smile and say thanks, no matter how down you are feeling, this quite often helps you to feel better about yourself and also might, just might, make a huge difference to the other person as well.

  2. I love this Hannah, I definitely wear a mask most of the time. The problem is that I'm so good at putting on a front that people think I have a perfect life when underneath it's anything but. Sometimes it's hard to admit how you are feeling, you are doing brilliantly x