7 Days of Self Care Challenge

I came across Steve Austins blog via twitter and found the Self Care Challenge on his blog (click here to read Steves blog Grace Is Messy)I've blogged about self care and why it's so important before. It's really important to me and I feel strongly that it should be more important to others too.
I'm really looking forward to starting this challenge. I signed up a day ago and had the first email today. First of all, I want to share what I did today to care for myself.

1) I spent one on one time with my husband. Good for both of us of course but also very good for me, I'm incredibly happy when it's just us having lunch together. Today marks 10 years for us as a couple which is wonderful!

2) I had a lovely hot shower which I do like to do every day after dinner to help me relax for the evening

3) I had a hot drink with friends which turned into spending all morning with them talking, laughing, catching up, getting out the house and so on.

Next are my reflections for the day which came through in the email this morning:

Self-Care Reflections:

1. What is one thing you could quit today to give yourself some space to breathe?

To push away negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. I understand that all I really want from life is to be happy, to have a healthy and happy family and to have enough money to live comfortably with some extra to take the children away for proper family holidays, something we can't currently do. I have realised that things I thought I really wanted to do are absolutely not for me so I have dropped one venture and one I will continue on but only because I want to get joy from it, not because I want to make it my career one day. Being on the other side is a real eye opener!
I often feel like I am a square peg and I'm trying to fit into everyone else's ideals, but these ideals are small and round, I will never fit that.

2. What activities feed your soul? Write them out.

Making cards
Writing to pen pals
Long hot showers
Sitting in coffee shops with or without friends, a book or paper to hand
Being in nature

3. Do you begin and end your day with self-care? If not, what is one concrete step you can take toward that goal?

No not really. I find it hard to get up because I'm so tired and the children are my priority. This will be my change for this week and of course the change as I move forward. I will eat a decent breakfast to nourish me for the morning and then focus on the children. I will turn my screens off earlier so I do not find it so hard to switch off at bedtime and thus I will hopefully find waking up easier.

If you'd like to take part in this challenge then please do use the links above to check out Steve's blog and sign up. I'm really looking forward to getting back in touch with myself and looking after me again.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I love this challenge, self care has been so important for me lately and I have to say it's been working really well for me, you know if yiu ever need anything I'm here for you, I always have time to for a friend like you xx

    1. Thank you Elle that means a lot, hope you know it goes the same way :) I'm glad to hear you've been looking after yourself x

  2. This is something I really need to do. Caring for and home educating a child with high care needs, whilst also being mum to another child, a wife and having unwell parents takes a toll. Add in campaigning for accessible toilet facilities for my son and there is very little energy left for me. I stay up too late just to have time alone, which doesn't help either! shall have to think on this.x