My Mothers Day Wishlist!

In this house we love spoiling each other throughout the year. The only day we don't celebrate in some way really is Valentine's Day. I like it but Mr B isn't a fan so we meet each other half way! What we do celebrate is Mothers and Father's Day.

My children always make something lovingly at school which I adore and I always get 2 lovely cards and a gift from each of them which makes me feel very special. They love giving gifts so below I've written some of the items I'd love to open on Mother's Day (that's 26th March guys!)

  • A small packet of Booja Booja chocolates. Expensive but delicious, I'd go for the Hazelnut Crunch flavour please! If not for Mothers Day then keep them on the list for Easter!
  • A new pair of jeggings. Mine cost less than a tenner and I am in need of some! Only one store in my town sells the comfiest jeggings and I fit a 14 in their store (every other store makes me feel like an elephant!)
  • I could happily settle for a new book please. I love to read Philippa Gregory and there is plenty of room on my bookshelf for more of her work!
  • I'd love another superdry hoody. I know that's pricey but you can get a bargain online and I'd love another one, I wear my blue one loads so it would be good to change around!
  • Bright flowers! I love flowers but rarely buy them for myself, so a lovely bunch of flowers would do nicely.

If I'm lucky I may well get something off of my little wishlist but of course, waking up in the morning having breakfast with my 2 precious little ones and seeing what they made me at school is really all I need...So Mr B can spoil me instead haha!!

Cupcake Mumma

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