Paradise Park Cornwall ~ Birthday Treat Part 1!

Hi Cupcakes!

Yesterday we commenced phase 1 of Little A's birthday (which is in 2 days time...6 eek!) We decided to go to a place we have been many a time and is a favourite attraction of ours in Cornwall: Paradise Park!

We have celebrated at least 4 birthdays here in different years, the children just don't seem to tire of it! I actually really love visiting too. We were going by A's plan this time as he is much older than the last time we visited as a family and it was his treat after all. He wanted to play in the Jungle Barn before doing anything else. Normally we make a big thing of doing things in such an order but do you know what? Why do we!? The children must have spent 2 hours in the Jungle Barn then were more than happy to go and look at the animals. They enjoyed it more because they did things their way and I am going to take this approach again in the future!

Midge went around following the fairy and pirate treasure hunt and she enjoyed it. I'm usually the one doing it as we go around because they're more interested in rushing around to get to the play area! Here are some photos I took of just a selection of the parks beautiful birds:

Flamingos Paradise Park
Flamingos. Their colour is simply beautiful

Owls paradise park
Northern White Faced Owls So fluffy and cute but they'll nip ya!

Macaw Paradise Park
Buffon's Macaw. He was so, so beautiful

Red Squirrel Paradise Park
Red Squirrel 

We looked at all the different birds, the owls were a big hit this year even with me. We saw the red pandas who were hiding away ignoring people (I don't blame them) and then we went to the farm area where we hung out on the play equipment, stroked a giant rabbit and said hello to the sheep.

A on the Tractor!

Oh yes...We found some dinosaurs again!

After lunch which was a nice little picnic from home and a few treats from the shop, we hopped aboard the little train that runs round part of the park. It takes you around twice and only cost us £1 each. I got a few nice snaps as we went around:

We had such a lovely day. Midge said she loved the whole park and couldn't possibly pick a favourite part. Little A loved the Jungle Barn, the train and posing with the dinosaurs and I loved chilling out with my children, taking photos of some truly wonderful birds and seeing a flamingo egg! Mr B was feeling rotten but didn't let that spoil his fun either. He enjoyed the train that took us around and watching the Mini Cupcakes run around the Jungle Barn.

Right now I'm preparing an Iron Man themed party so be sure to come back and find out how much fun preparing and hosting a party for 10 children was!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Looks great-and the perfect day weather-wise by the looks of it too. Might take that approach to days out next time, I think sometimes we get stuck with our ways of doing things don't we :)