Plymouth with Mr B!

In October (I know, so long ago now!) Mr B and I went off on a little trip to Plymouth as a belated birthday gift to myself. I had won some tickets in a Twitter competition to stay in a Jury's Inn of my choice. We were placed in a gorgeous room! It had free sparkling and still water plus Plymouth Gin, which neither of us liked buy hey it was there and was a lovely touch! Mr B got ridiculously excited by free toothbrushes and shower hats while I got straight onto the largest bed I have ever seen:

 Bargain first class tickets and something I can tick off the Bucket List!

Biggest bed I've ever seen

It was so big and seriously comfortable. Honestly, we had the BEST sleep in such a long time on that bed! We also had some romantic time taking a bath together for example...and getting wedged in the bath together. I thought it would be a call to the fire brigade at one point but proving we are a great team we got our asses out of that tub in time for dinner and a walk around Plymouth.

We walked around Plymouth doing some window shopping and popped into some of our favourite stores. We walked around the memorial and looked out at the view before seeing the lighthouse. I've never been up to these places before and it really is beautiful. I found myself getting really emotional at the memorial. 


 Beautiful view including Plymouth's Lido

 Plymouth Lighthouse

We found a nice little chip shop to have dinner at before heading back to the hotel. It was so nice to get away for an evening. The children missed us just as much as we missed them but were happy with their Grandma and Pop looking after them for the night. We had a lush breakfast before heading home. We took a later train because there was an accident on the way which Mr B helped with but we got home to our babies eventually who although were happy to see us were more interested in what gifts we brought back! 

Chippy tea
Cupcake Mumma


  1. Aw it looked like you had a fantastic time! Absolutely love the photos! I havent been to Plymouth since i was a child....might need to go again and take the boys.

    Ps. Love Mr Bs beard!

    1. It was a wonderful time thanks Martyn! Oh I'll be sure to pass that into Mr B haha

  2. This seems so funny ot me as I live in Plymouth! The lighthouse on the Hoe is called Smeatons tower (you can go up it too!) and it was the original lighthouse at one end of the breakwater, but when it needed replacing they brought it back brick by brick and rebuilt it where it stands now! Pretty iconic Plymouth landmark! Alice xxx

    1. Thanks Alice, that's really interesting for some reason we couldn't go in there that day I think maybe it was the time we went? I had no idea that's how it ended up back there I shall update my post with the name :) I find it funny when people blog about Cornwall with such excitement!