September at The Cupcake House

It seems strange that we've sped through another month and September feels so very long ago! I really can't remember it very well. It didn't start off great with the notice being given on our house but after some real searching, council help and a couple of weeks we got a new house in place.
Apart from the stress of properties and council appointments I need photos to remind me what we got up to! Here goes...

Before we knew it, it was back to school time which meant early alarms and saying goodbye to our lazy mornings! We had a yummy Costa a few days before we had to get back to our routine but the first day soon came around. Now I have a year 1 and a year 4, how can that be? My little ones posed in their uniform together and separately for our yearly back to school photo session in the dining room before we headed off. They have so far had a really good first term back.

Stress and the broken clothes horse//Costa date//Setting school alarms//Midge on her first day//Siblings together//Little Man posing//A little peak into our new place//Browsing the supermarket magazine//Pooch checking out the dull day view

There have been plenty of things going on at school to keep us busy and I kept myself busy too with lots of packing and freecycling. The children enjoyed Roald Dahl day where I sent them in with their own dream jars I made myself. They also made some at school but mine were definitely better haha! I visited the pet shop, not to buy any animals don't worry, I just like looking at the hamsters and we met a cool parrot who even said 'see you later' to us as we left! The weather really took a turn for the worse in September, a lot of our roads became flooded, some businesses are still closed because they've had to totally refit their shops. The Kinetic sand we received from my sister as part of our Wicked Uncle review was the perfect distraction from the rain and cold so we all spent hours on the floor of the dining room playing about.

Cookie munchies//Dream jars for school//Cute parrot in the pet shop//Dull weather and plenty of rain on the school pick up!//Chocolate,sand and a nail varnish pillow from Wicked Uncle// Kinetic sand// Lots of playing about with our new sand//I got fed up of plucking so bought facial razors. Rubbish name but at least I can get rid of hair much quicker!

I have spent a lot of time with some new friends I've made from Little A's class. It's so nice to chill out after the school run at Costa every now and then before heading home to housework and other jobs. I've tested Mustela's skincare range out on my families sensitive skin and we had fun trying our the different creams and using the bath milk! Little was really keen which was surprising given he usually hates creams! Oh yes, the new £5 notes came out. I was quite excited to get one actually although I'm not so keen on them and the novelty has worn off now!
As September drew to a close we had boxes surrounding us and were all sleeping in one room so we could clear the attic room and store boxes from upstairs in Little A's room (no big deal considering he was mostly in with me anyway!) We got our moving in date at the end of September so I started changing addresses and doing all the boring stuff early which has paid off!  

Hot chocolate and me time//New skincare products to try//The new £5 note//Lovely photo of Roo and I//Looking out at the miserable weather//Some fab stickers I found in The Card Factory//Meeting up with friends and their dog for a nice peppermint tea//A lovely random act of kindness in happy mail form from a lovely lady

Soon it'll be time for me to catch up on our October! It's going so fast this year but this is my favourite time with Halloween, my birthday and of course, Christmas! 

Cupcake Mumma