October Goals

I got this idea from Angela at Adventures in Websterland because it really seems to help her focus on the areas she most needs to focus on each month. It's great seeing what people's goals are each month no matter how big or small. Here are my goals for October:

To loose weight (no number just to have lost weight)
To enjoy our night away at the end of October in a hotel but to not waste any money
Sort out change of address and the energy suppliers- dull!
To have caught up on my snail mail
To celebrate my birthday

To sort my finances again
For the children to have at least 4 Christmas presents each put back
To have paid £20 towards Midges London trip and something towards Little A's Plymouth trip

Decorate the house for Halloween
Go trick or treating, carve pumpkins as a family and have fun
To have moved in properly

What are your goals this month?

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Great goals Hannah & thank you for the mention. Hope you have a lovely night away you need it after a house move ! xx

    1. Thanks Angela, I love reading your monthly goals and in finding it useful to look at every now and then x

  2. Good luck lovely! Hope you have a lovely night away, very deserved! xx