Reasons to be Cheerful

October has overall been a good month and this week has been a good week. I have a few reasons to be cheerful this week the first being yesterday. I turned 27 and had a wonderful day. I saw a friend who treated me to lunch and a Costa plus brought along balloons and her little ones gave me some lovely cards. I saw family who popped in and my Mum came over who made a wonderful chocolate cake for me and which the children decorated beautifully. I've had some lovely gifts and surprise mail, I'll blog about my birthday properly next week but I had such a nice day it is most definitely a reason to smile!

Morning birthday Costa!

We've had a really good half even though we haven't done much. At the beginning of half term I felt awful for not being able to treat the kids to any days out because our purse strings are simply pulled too tight. I know you don't need day trips or holidays to make a good half term but sometimes it gets you down. We've taken pleasure in the simple things like enjoying friends, going to the park, playing football, seeing family and Midge even slept over her Aunties house with all her cousins which is a huge step for her, I was very proud. We've had movie day at home, celebrated my birthday, bought toys from the pound shop and taken pleasure in each others company.

Mr B is finally getting a holiday from work; he is off until next Friday and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him. Although we have the back to school routine, he'll enjoy getting to see the children properly and I'm sure he has some plans of his own!

I hope you've all had some reasons to be cheerful this week too.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Thanks for joining in! Happy birthday and glad you had a lovely half term

  2. I'm glad October has given you reason to smile. We have another week of half term left yet and planning lots more frugal things to do, children seem to enjoy those little moments rather than a day out I think. I hope November is a good one for you x